How should you choose the right training system?

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Education is a necessary element of any person’s development. For a bubble show artists it is especially necessary. The kind of art that we do, like any other kind of art or activity is always developing and this process is endless: new tricks, new elements, new props are constantly being created. We have infinite possibilities if we know or find the right way to apply our skills.
So, to develop further, you need to learn!

Training programs for bubble show artists:

  • Training (learning) with videos
  • Personal training (learning) in Moscow
  • Business-package


Full description of these training programs and prices are on the website. Here, in this article, I will tell you in detail about these programs, so you can understand which program is right for you.
So, let’s look at each of them.

Video lessons. Whom can the way be suitable for?

Learning from video lessons is a suitable way for those who prefer to learn by themselves and have enough free time to practice at home. It is also important to be able to self-organize and self-motivate. It is necessary to understand that learning from videos will take quite a long time.
This way is economical, but it takes a long time.

By today, I have developed four video-courses for the bubble show artists.

Basic video-course


The first thing that is suitable for learning at home is a basic video course. It contains a detailed analysis of the basic tricks of the bubble show, the technology of each trick, my personal recommendations on the technique of blowing bubbles, as well as an analysis of the common errors and inaccuracies that even skilled artists have.

This course is enough to know all the basic elements of the bubble show, and do numbers with a classic set of props.

You will learn:

  • to do pre-exercises;
  • to perform tricks from the hand block;
  • to work with wands;
  • to inflate giant bubbles.

Theoretical video-course


Theoretical video course includes a detailed analysis of such concepts as number and interaction, costume and image.

Also there are:

  • Review of advertising platforms;
  • Assistant’s job;
  • Portfolio;
  • Interaction at an event.

Video-course on working with a light table


The video course has been developed for those who like showy tricks in a darkened room.
Iridescent colors, a mysterious highlights and beautiful effects – people of all ages and genders will appreciate the tricks performed on this equipment.

In 30 minutes you will:

  • learn the basic tricks on the light table and their technical features;
  • learn to do “links” between tricks;
  • learn more than 20 elements of the bubble show, which belong to the block with the light table.

Such tricks as “Domes”, “Matryoshka”, “blowing”, “Extraction of the smoke bubble” and others will become clear to you after watching the video-course.

In addition, you will learn how to work with the steam generator and learn a complex, but very spectacular trick “Medusa”.

Video-course on the vertical frame


In this video-course I show and tell about the basic tricks on the vertical frame, I explain how to “adjust” better the horizontal threads, I will tell about the basic principles of working with this tool. We will consider in detail the implementation of each element and effective implementation.

Personal training. Whom can the way be suitable for?


Personal training is a course for those who want to do something worthy. An unusual number, good and saleable product.

Our work is built so as to create a finished product for the student. We discuss the things that are important to you. No common information. We are focused on your results.

Two full days of training, a couple of rehearsals when you get home and you are ready to perform your bubble show. I will tell you every detail, everything I know.

Personal training will save you about from 1 to 1,5 years, using my experience and learning from my mistakes. We will find the right image and music for your new show.

And, of course, positive energy and confidence in getting excellent results come during communication with the teacher. So I’m waiting for you to visit!

For those who like comfort! The business package is a turnkey project of the bubble show.
Business package is all the best offers in one package!


In addition to personal training you will have:

  • a full set of quality props;
  • my record recipe of the solution;
  • creating your image as an artist;
  • training your assistant.

In our business package we have thought of every detail that may be required: ingredients for the solution, towels and useful supplements. You will get everything at once.

Choose the training that is right for you so that it will be useful and beneficial for you, it will meet your expectations and it will solve your tasks.

More useful and interesting information you can get if you become a subscriber to our website.

You will find on my YouTube channel popular videos, reviews of props and the bubble show market, short master classes and life hacks for the bubble show artists.

Glad to be of service!

How does a bubble show artist get a work order in kindergartens and schools?

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A subscriber of my Vkontakte group is interested in this topic. I think that this topic may be of interest to many people. It is not enough to know how to make a soap bubble show! It is important to know how to sell it to the right target audience.
In my blog, the topic of kindergartens has been repeatedly touched upon, but I want to note that over the past 2 – 3 years, the principle of work with these institutions has changed.

Thinking that it is easy money, too many artists are trying to get into kindergartens and schools. Those who want to work in kindergartens and schools, and are sure that it is very easy to work in them, I must disappoint you – it is not easy. Working in kindergartens is a responsible administrative work.

The artist of the original genre should understand that one call will not be enough to immediately gain a foothold in kindergartens. Of course, there are miracles. But in most cases you will have to put a lot of effort into it.


What shall you start from?

I advise you to prepare a good portfolio first. Show your best side. Make it clear that you are a professional and already have experience in working with children in your genre. The people you talk to should see an experienced professional in front of them, not a beginner.

You must have a developed poster, prepared photographs and videos. It will be better if you also have some tickets. Do not forget that you should have a sanitary book, fluorography and other documents necessary for working with children. I also advise you to have with you such documents as: a certificate for the solution, a certificate of good conduct, a certificate that you are an individual entrepreneur.

It is important to understand that kindergartens and schools are state educational institutions that take these issues seriously. The better prepared you are, the calmer the managers feel, realizing that you are a professional.


Collect database

Go to the Internet resource, which displays all kinds of institutions and prescribe all kindergartens and schools in your city.

You need full names, phone numbers, addresses and the approximate number of children in the institutions. In open Internet sources look for the surnames and names of the Managers or the Directors of the institutions.

Your awareness will help you communicate with the representatives of the institutions.

Make calls

As soon as you have finished collecting the data you need, start making calls.

You ask to be put through to the Manager. It will be good if you know the name. The Manager will most likely refer you to the Methodist. And don’t forget to write down the Methodist’s name.

Having identified the right people, you offer them your product – that is your bubble show.
Of course, only a few people can immediately say “Yes” to your offer. People need to be interested and given some time to think. And be ready for a lot of objections, they may be: a completely a busy schedule, quarantine and more. You should not despair in this case; postpone your call and try again in a couple of months. Go further – call the next on your list.

Remember that if one of ten persons agrees, it is a good result. By the way, the farther the kindergarten from the center and the fewer children it has, the more likely that you will be accepted.

If your product is interesting for them, then make the next appointment to present your show.

Let us assume that you and your show have been approved and has been appointed the date for the event, for example, in a month. Do not forget to call before one week in advance and check if everything is in force.


Money matter

In kindergartens and schools there is a so-called rent – you should leave from 10% to 30% of the collected amount of money.

As for the cost. It is a ticket system, from 100 to 200 rubles per person. You set the price of one ticket yourself; do not forget to determine the minimum number of children. And one more rule: the show is free for the employees’ children.

After your show, do get feedback from the Manager: whether they liked your show, whether they wanted to add or correct something. Ask when you can call next time and set a date for a new event, let them know that you have another program.

If you want to win over the representatives of preschool and school institutions and you want them to be loyal to you in the future, do not forget to congratulate them on all the holidays. Your congratulations must be delivered in person or sent by mail. Not by e-mail! I tell about this in detail at my master classes and other forms of training for the soap bubble show artists.


In my opinion, theatrical performance of the bubble show suits perfectly for kindergartens. For example, in addition to the show I present to children an excursion into space. They learn about the planets, stars and weightlessness and so on.


You can make up a scientific program and tell why the shape of a bubble is always round. You can tell about the seasons, about anything. The main thing here is that the information must be cognitive and useful. This is a big plus for kindergartens and schools.

The product must be of high quality, showy and spectacular. You must have good props for the bubble show (Props for the bubble show), you and your assistant must look presentable. Do not make a mess, take care of cleanliness and respect the work of others.

It is also important to be able to maintain discipline and enlist the help of the educators. This topic is also important and popular, I think, I will talk about it in one of the next articles.


  • Prepare a presentable portfolio.
  • Make up a database of the kindergartens and schools in your city with addresses, phone numbers and names of the people you need.
  • Call all the preschool and school institutions around the city.
  • Present a quality show, be a professional.

How does an artist get the children to obey him or her?

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This article was inspired by a question that came to me in my personal messages from Anna Panova from Salsk. She asked me to tell about the behavior of children at public events first of all.

In this article I am going to consider the behavior of children not only at public events, but also at other events. Let us look at the existing kinds of problems and ways to solve them, and we will also talk separately about public events.

How to turn disobedient children into good spectators?

In my articles I have already touched upon this topic many times. I talked about the various techniques which are popular among artists and animators. For example, an imaginary glue which glues children to their chairs and does not allow them to stand up during the performance. I want to say that some methods work, some do not. It depends.
First of all, the artists must think over their own behavior and take the right position. It is necessary to be able to show the best side.


Family events

For example, we perform at a classic family birthday party with the number of children from 5 to 30. By the way, the number of children are at the event does not matter. The correct behavior of the bubble show artist can calm both five and thirty children equally.

Mistake №1

The first mistake that leads to the fact that children do not obey you is that their parents do not prepare their children properly for the event. And this is your fault: initially, when you are invited to perform, you do not establish certain boundaries.
You should find out in advance the kind of program the parents want: with bubbles where children can play with bubbles or a show where children sit in their seats and watch.

The parents will explain to you what exactly they want. From this you need to start: either you show animation with soap bubbles, where children are participants and they are involved in the game with bubbles; or a bubble show.
If the parents want a bubble show, then explain to them that they must help you prepare the children and assist you during the performance. Do not hesitate to talk about it during the first negotiations with the customer. It looks professional. If you start asking for help when the children are no longer obeying you, it looks unprofessional.

And, of course, you should meet their expectations. If the mother told her child that a magical fairy will come and will inflate wonderful giant bubbles, and the child will catch and play with them, then this picture will be in the child’s head. Avoid such situations if you are a bubble show artist.


Mistake №2

Your position on the performance area during the performance is wrong: there should be a distance between you and the child or children. It is very difficult to do for an animator whose program consists of animation and show. If the animation part of your program is before the bubble show, the child clearly understands that he or she can play with you and have fun. And the child won’t sit back down.

There is only one solution in this situation is to perform the soap bubble show first, and then the animation part of your program. First, a spectacular program, where children just watch. And after, games with bubbles, games with the children and so on. Then there will be order on the performance area during your bubble show, and distance between you and the children.

The artist must behave with dignity and the children understand from the very beginning that the artist is a leader. This is the same situation as with a new teacher who has just come to the children. They instantly understand what kind of person is in front of them.
I’ll be honest with you, all the children at family events obey me. I immediately give instructions to the children, explain to them what and when they may do and what not. Children don’t take my props for the bubble show, do not splashing in my solution.

Show who you are and why you come and then it will become easier for you to work

I must say, that all the stage costumes in this case prevent keeping the necessary distance: fairy, dog or peppa pig characters are kind and, of course, children want to play with them. And the magician’s costume sets people up to watch the show. It is difficult to imagine that the children jump on the magician, drop the props – make a mess on the performance area. Now to Anna’s question.


Public events

There are different types of public events. In kindergartens and schools, on stage or at a mass holiday.

In kindergartens and schools there are no problems with discipline, because there are educators and they can help you with the children. In the cultural centers and on other stages, where the public sits in its place, too, there is no problem with discipline. And the situation is quite the opposite at mass holidays in the shopping centers and on the street.

There are also children’s Christmas trees, but it is easier there. Everyone understands clearly the reason of his or her coming to the event, and adults help the artist keep order. People in the shopping malls and on the street are the most difficult public. Here you can endlessly instruct. Some come, others go. Children come very close to the artist and in such a situation the crowd is dangerous. Performing in the shopping malls and on the street without protection from the crowd is extremely dangerous, so you have to be separated from the crowd by a fence. And it will be better if you ask the organizers to put some people on the edges of the fence to control that no one can go inside the fence. And you yourself do not invite anyone inside the fence or all of them will do that.


If you need a someone from the public for interaction, for the trick a man in a bubble, you yourself approach the person and lead him or her by the hand inside the fence and then your assistant take the person outside the fence. And no favors, no “all right, you come in too.” Or there will be chaos.

I hope that this article helped you. If you still have questions, write them to my Fasebook –


  • Find out in advance the kind of program the parents want.
  • Explain to the parents that they should help you keep order during the performance and talk to their children about it in advance.
  • Be confident, set your own rules, keep your distance.
  • Do not break your own rules.
  • Performing in the shopping malls and on the street, you must be separated from the people by a fence.

How does an artist radiate sincere emotions?

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Exude confidence and don’t show your fear! This advice is for those who perform on stage: for any artist of any genre.
Imagine, during an interesting, colorful performance, the artist smiles, but his or her tension is felt. And the public does not enjoy the show, remains indifferent, and claps their hands reluctantly. Isn’t it hurtful!? In this article we will try to understand why this happens and how to be a “lighter” for your public.

The thing is, if you go on stage thinking “The bubble is about to burst, sure to burst! Will it work or not?! Yeah, that woman over there doesn’t look at it at all. The number must be bad! Smile, don’t forget to smile!», the thoughts will be reflected on your face and your public will certainly see it. A tight stage smile doesn’t work! Your thoughts instantly reflect on your face.


It is not simple to stop the stream of thoughts. After all, even in everyday life, when we are cooking soup at home, we are worrying about whether there is enough salt in it, not too much pepper. Or when we are doing the housework, and we are thinking “so, now, there are still things that need to be put in their places and dust, …” etc. This is our everyday life, and we constantly keep on thinking about it. Every day we think about our affairs and tasks. We keep on replaying some recent events we took part in and so on. But if we really want, we are able to control our thought process, it is not necessary at all to worry and think about the problems endlessly. Being in the good mood and keeping it that way is not so hard to do. Now I’ll tell you the way to do that.


Let’s train

Not long ago I was at a face fitness training, which was conducted by a lovely girl – Helen Karkukli – who has a fantastic and intense energy. I came to the conclusion that some of the techniques can be used in our profession. I suggest you to make an experiment! Look at yourself in the mirror and remember the things you keep on thinking about, the thoughts that are constantly running through your head. These thoughts are about your daily plans, daily routine and etc. And there, in the mirror, you see a thoughtful, anxious and worried person. The person you see in the mirror is you: “Hello, thoughtful and worried person!”


And here you have already begun to feel some kind of energy. When we see such a person in action, we see concentration, tension and scrupulousness. Now, try to smile keeping in mind your everyday thoughts. Here it is! That tight, fake smile! This is our “working” smile that I often see on my students’ faces. Not all of them, of course, but most.

So, let’s go ahead, now remember the best moments that happened to you, for example, your best vacation: you were relaxing on the beach and sunbathing; remember that wonderful sound of the sea, it was inviting; how wonderful and gentle the sea breeze was! Remember those emotions and happiness that you felt then! Or remember another unforgettable moment in your life, that moment when your loved one made you a marriage proposal: his eyes were burning and voice was trembling, and your heart was beating with delight!


Look in the mirror again, look at yourself: now you are a completely different person now, aren’t you?! This is the face of an inspired and a happy person! If you have such a face at home or at a meeting with your friends, for sure, your close ones will ask: “What is pleasing you so much? You are in the good mood and you look happy!”. Or vice versa, when your face is worried and frowning, the people around you may wonder if you are all right, if everything is ok.

The artist of the soap bubble show should perform with a positive face expression.


Be grateful

At most of the trainings on personal growth and self-development, they say that you need to be able to be grateful and experience this feeling as often as possible. You can be grateful for the inspiration that certain moments in your life gave you, for pleasant and happy occasions that you experienced. You can thank life for them.

Analyzing the information I received at the trainings, I realized that the same principles can be used in our profession. I used to do it on a subconscious level, and today I clearly understand how to find the key to the hearts of my public and feel its mood.

Feel the true emotions

Your public needs to see that you are happy with your job, that you feel fine when you work, and that you are willing to share your positive energy with your public. The public needs to see that you love your job, love the bubble show. Your face expression and emotions should express gratitude to the moment in which you find yourself – it is on this stage, with these people you like. When you smile sincerely, your eyes radiate happiness, you are filled with joyful emotions and you give them to your public, and then you will definitely get a storm of applause and the faces of your public will be happy, despite the fact that the performance has some technical shortcomings.


I recommend you to take a video of yourself when you are in a casual environment, at a rehearsal. Relax and just enjoy your working. And compare your today face expression to your face expression at an important performance. I assure you, you will like your first appearance much more.


Stop worrying that a bubble might burst. If it happens at a totally inappropriate moment, be surprised with a smile, feel a positive emotion and continue like nothing happened. Of course, I understand that there are some situations in which it is hardly possible to remain unflappable and calm: if you can’t do a thing for a long time, if there are some problems with the solution or props, then it is very sad. But you should agree, such situations occur extremely rarely.


My dear colleagues and students, I sincerely urge you to stop smiling falsely, which many artists do, especially beginners. Try to feel true positive emotions, think about your love for your work and your public. Enjoy the moment and share your positive emotions with other people!


Even if your image is supposed to be sad, but still your eyes and face expression should express positive emotions. It is calmer and more serene. It’s much better this way.

These are the feelings that you feel, for example, when you meet the sunrise in the summer, the leaves rustle and the birds sing, and you feel bliss and inspiration.


Try, play, look for the right mood for each number! Live in this mood, feel true emotions. After all, the public cannot be fooled! And then, your numbers will be more harmonious, natural, the public will like your programs more. The best reward for an artist is the public’s happy eyes, so light them up!

The right way to care for the props for the soap bubble show

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The props for the bubble show are not only an artist’s working tools, but also the artist’s “face”. And the props must be kept in good working condition and must look presentable. Then the props will operate properly for a long time, and once again, you will prove that you are very good at your job.

In the new article I’m going to tell you the right way to care for the props for the soap bubble show and also the right way to store them so that they will be operational for a long time and look presentable.

This is important indeed, because the props are not cheap, and the usage conditions are quite strict. Permanent contact with the solution, foam, transportation – the props need proper care.

A man in a bubble
Let’s start with the props that you use most often – A man in a bubble set. The tray is covered with a film, which come unstuck with improper care. To avoid this, I recommend you wipe it dry before storing. Sure, when you go from one event to another event, it is hardly possible to wipe the prop dry. But before storing the prop until your next performance, do wipe it dry. You don’t have to wash it, but do always wipe it dry.

I’ve been following this rule since the very beginning of my career in this genre. By the way, in the past I often used disposable napkins and cleaning rags to care for my props. But eventually I realized that those measures were unnecessary, useless and expensive at that. So today, I use a regular towel. It’s also black, like all my other props.

Pay special attention to the metal wheel holder on the bottom of the tray. It can oxidize if it contacts with the liquid for a long time. Although your audience will not see this oxidation, it is better to wipe the tray dry thoroughly to keep it in good condition.


Take care of the wheels!
If the tray itself can be hit with a hammer, and it remains unbroken, the wheels are not so resistant. You should agree that the wheels are needed on the tray. Carrying a filled tray is hard and unsafe, you risk spilling the entire solution. Fortunately, the wheels are sold in any hardware store and can be easily replaced in case of need.


I also recommend you just wipe the cases to make them clean. I do not recommend you to wash them in the washing machine – it spoils their shape and damages their integrity. Washing them at the car wash by Kercher – I also do not recommend. You know, the water pressure is strong there. It is not necessary to make an experiment and test whether the water pressure will damage the cases or not.

If the cases really need to be washed, it can be done carefully in the country with a hose. If your task is to wash it up to such a state that it stops foaming, then this is a meaningless task. It is useless. The best and easiest way to keep them clean is to wipe them regularly with disposable napkins.

What can happen to the cases?
The zip might be broken. Even though the sliders we use for our zips today are very durable and of good quality (they don’t bend), nevertheless the slider is the weak spot of any zips. So you should take care of them, do not pull them hard, everything should be done carefully.

One more thing – do not overload the cases with props. If you put too much cargo in one case, then again when zipping it up, you can break it. Moreover, the fabric of the cases is also designed for a certain weight. If the weight is exceeded, the handle can break out along with the fabric.

Light table
I do not recommend you to store the light table in the cold, as it operates on batteries and the batteries become discharged in the cold. By the way, the design of the table allows you to use rechargeable batteries. This will provide a longer glow and savings.

I recommend keeping the light table disassembled, as during the performance the solution gets on all parts of the table. If the table is not disassembled and the screw threads are not wiped dry, then over time, these places can begin to oxidize. Disassemble, wipe dry, put in its case and leave it a little open.

Watch the battery charge level and make sure that they are in the table, so that at any time you can take the table and go to work with it.


Do not put heavy things on the light table. It’s not designed for it. Wipe dry the legs and all the metal parts of the table to keep their aesthetic appearance longer. The switch is hermetic. To keep it that way, do not tear off any parts: rubber bands and so on. Everything is for business, everything has been thought out. If you inadvertently tore the rubber band off the switch, then buy a new one and put it back. Remember, first of all it is your safety!

Working table
The working table, of course, also need to be stored disassembled and carefully, and all of its parts also need to be wiped dry. Sometimes it can even be washed in the shower. But if you clean it with disposable napkins and wipe it dry after each of your performances, then you can do without washing.

Personally I thoroughly wipe the equipment with a towel and there is no plaque on the table, it is not sticky and looks great. And so as to remove all the remains of the solution from the tray, I use a rubber spatula. The bottom of the tray is at a few degrees angle, so the liquid can drain freely, and I can easily remove the remaining liquid with a spatula and wipe it dry with a towel.


This is about all the wands made by us. There is no need to wash them after your usual performances, they only need to be washed after working on the street. We remove dust, sand and other particles that should not get into the solution. Dust and sand will spoil the solution faster, and no artist of the soap bubble show wants that to happen.

By the way, if your solution began to deteriorate much faster than before, then wash the wands! No doubt the dirt has accumulated on them which gets into your solution and spoils it.


LED lantern
It is necessary to care for the lantern, so that it lights brightly and beautifully. Do not put it together with wet things and props when transporting. The lantern itself is fully hermetic and will not be damaged if liquid gets on it. But at the bottom of it there are holes for the fan and when transporting the liquid can get into holes, and that is not good. The lantern has also got a rubber band on it – do not use it without the rubber band.
One more thing: any device with a rechargeable battery need to be stored in a charged state. Then the battery will serve you much longer. Therefore, after each event, remember to recharge the batteries immediately.

Fire-foam tube
It is a very simple thing.

But it is important for you to know that while working with the tube you can dip the tube in the solution and immediately take it out. Do not leave the tube in the solution. Do not put it in the liquid and leave it there. Otherwise, it will turn from a fiery foam tube into a simple foam tube. By the way, there is a special place for the tube in the working tables, where it will be safe.

Inside the head of the tube there is a fabric that you can easily replace, adjust or wash if necessary. There is a cylinder inside the tube itself. And after each your performance, the cylinder should be taken out and wiped it dry. Otherwise, its metal part will begin to oxidize and this will reduce its service life. Cover it with a special lid and store it in this way.

Smoke machine
I recommend that you open, look it through and wipe it dry after each performance. If you drowned the smoke-machine in the solution, some liquid may get under the lid, so the liquid must be removed. Open it, wipe it dry, charge it and store it charged and refilled. Detailed information on the use and maintenance of the smoke machine is presented in the video instructions on the page of the props.


These are all simple rules of props care. If you have any questions about any of our props and its storage, please contact me by e-mail and I will answer you. This is my email address:


  • Wipe all the props dry.
  • Store large equipment in cases.
  • Keep the cases slightly open for air ventilation.
  • Store the tables disassembled.
  • Do not break the integrity of the product.
  • Charge the equipment batteries before storing.

Useful little things for the bubble show

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In this article I will tell you about the things that are always with me at my performances. In my blog there is already an article about it. There are also a lot of tips about useful things in the article. But as time goes on, the list is updated. Therefore, in the new article, we will not talk about each point in detail, but we will talk about the main points.

My main baggage includes: A man in bubble set, a working table, a set of wands, a light table, a bag with carpets and small props and equipment. In the bag there are a flashlight, a fire-foam tube, a smoke machine, a hose, towels and a canister with solution.


And additionally, I always take a large towel with me.

A big towel is needed in case we spill anything.

Of course, we have our own big beautiful black MOP, but just in case we also have a large towel. It is important to be careful and tidy and not to cause problems to anyone before, during or after the performance. Your assistant should always be ready for a quick cleaning.

Take one more clean flash drive with you

Firstly, you may lose your flash drive. Secondly, during your performance your flash drive passes through many hands and there is no protection. And it is able to carry various viruses that are dangerous to technology. So I always have one more clean flash drive with me.

AUX cable

It is always in my car. I advise you to buy one and have it with you. You never know what can happen to the equipment and electricity. And so you can play music from your phone. That can happen too.


Take one more (cigarette) lighter

Lighters constantly get wet in the bubble show. I recommend you to have one or two more lighters with you.

A rope

This is my personal favorite thing, but I advise you to take a rope with you too. I’ll explain: five years ago we came to an event and forgot our case with wands! Fortunately, we had a rope with us and I was able to do some tricks with it. And everything went well then. We showed a lovely “hand” part, and then I worked with the rope. It was lucky that it was a children’s event they were not experience with that. Since then I always take a rope with me.

A spatula

I use a spatula to remove the remains of the solution from the table. I don’t really like to do it with my hands and a spatula does it perfectly. I have a big spatula and a small one in my bag for little things in case the big one gets lost. I don’t know why, but I often lose spatulas. So I have another one in my bag just in case.


Hand cream

I do not think that comments are needed on this issue. I wash my hands thoroughly after each performance and then I apply hand cream to protect my skin. I practice in gloves but I perform without gloves. I’m comfortable that way.

A can with a solution

It is always in my car. When the outside temperature is above zero, I leave the can in the car and occasionally check its temperature. In the cold season, of course, I keep it in the room. But I’m used to having a spare can with a solution with me. Once, my assistant spoiled the solution and our performance didn’t take place. Since then, a spare can with solution is always with me. It is a useful thing and you should have a spare can with solution always with you. It is important.


If you have your any secrets and little things that are always with you and help you, you can share them in the comments on the Facebook page. This information can be very useful for the other soap bubble show artists.

Technical safety at the soap bubble show

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Technical safety at the bubble show is very important, as in any other place or business. Today we will analyze the situations which can be a threat to the health of the artists or their public during the performance. And also I will tell you how to neutralize the danger and prevent the unpleasant consequences.

1.Choose a safe carpet

The most common cause of bruises, abrasions and even bone fractures is the wrong floor covering for the performance. It is dangerous because you might slip on the soap and also because you can trip over the folds formed on the carpet.
We have already discussed this topic in detail in one of the previous article about carpets. Today we will discuss the types of carpets that I have seen.

Popular types:

  • •Oilcloth.
  • •Cloths.
  • •Carpet without rubber coating.
  • •Carpet on a rubber base.
  • •Carpet of Oxford and fleece.
  • •Bath Mat.

I use a carpet on a rubber base. It also has its disadvantages: if you pour out much water on it, it leaks and it is hard to dry it up. But its main advantage is that it does not slip on the floor, does not wrinkle and it is the safest in use.


Moreover, under the carpet on a rubber base, you can put a fabric for banners or oilcloth, which will protect the floor covering 100%, even under adverse conditions.

The look, color and shape of carpets have become important for many artists: besides the fact that they protect the floor from damage and people from falls, they will also look aesthetic. In my opinion, that is a great idea.
Some artists use a lot of colorful, clumsy rags. It looks very ugly, just awful. Don’t do that. In addition, they leak – the water will be on the floor and again the floor will be slippery and someone may fall down.

Some artists use oilcloth. I am strongly against it. Firstly, it does not look aesthetic, and secondly, it is extremely dangerous. The oilcloth slides on the floor, and you slide on the oilcloth. You can get both bone fractures and abrasions.

A carpet without rubber base looks aesthetic, easy and convenient in use, but it does not provide security. It slides on the oilcloth, which is placed under the carpet or leaks heavily.
A carpet made of oxford and fleece is very light and easy to dry up quickly, but it cannot be fixed on the floor and it has many wrinkles, so you can trip over and fall down. Artists, performing for children, like this type, but usually children run on the carpet, they fall and knock down on their way props, carpet and sometimes the artist.

In addition to this, they do not look aesthetic.

2.Arrange the lighting properly

Proper lighting arrangement also provides safety. Lack of sufficient lighting or improper arrangement can lead to falls and injuries.

A light device pointed in the face of people blinds them. And worse when you can’t see what’s going on under your feet. As a result, it may cause you to trip over and fall down.
It is also difficult to work in complete darkness. In this case, you need once again to pay attention to the floor covering.


3.Minimize the use of electrical appliances

Everyone knows what happens when water comes into contact with electricity – it is definitely dangerous. But, unfortunately, very often light tables are powered by electricity. That is very bad in my opinion. These tables are often not assembled at the factory, but they are assembled in a garage without the involvement of a specialist with specialized education. Surely, the equipment does not pass any safety tests. And as a result, the artist does not know: How well are the wires insulated? How long will they work properly? When may a circuit occur? And if the fluid comes into contact with an unprotected area, the artist may get a shock from electricity. Also, the electrical wires bend and wear out during the operation, which also leads to a short circuit. Practicing artists know that the solution flows from the table like a river, so the risk is great.

If your light table is powered by electricity, I strongly recommend you to check the tightness and integrity of the wires from time to time.

To provide security, to protect our students, public and ourselves, we are developing equipment for the soap bubble show, which is not powered by the mains during operation, which can operate independently from the mains. Only the steam generator and the soap bubble generator are powered by the mains during my performance. As for the bubble generator, it is quite far away from me and my public and I do not worry that it may be unsafe. As for the steam generator, I trust the “Karcher” company and do not worry about its products. And the cord made by the company is really tight and reliable. But, if I could, I would make the devices which can operate independently from the mains.

Lights are also quite far away and the solution does not touch them. Therefore, using of these three things powered by the mains is acceptable. But the equipment touching the solution, in my opinion, should not be powered from the mains. Better safe than sorry. It is a lot better not to put yourself and other people around you in danger.


4.Take into account that some artists may be allergic to some components of the solution

It happens to some artists. Allergies are unpredictable. For example, my daughter is allergic to green apples. I think everyone knows that it is one of the most hypoallergenic products. However, it happened to my daughter.
Of course, I want to choose and use the components that will be as safe as possible for the artists. But you must know and understand that allergies can even be to organic soap.
I was very happy when there was a hypo-allergenic and odorless “Fairy”. It became much easier for me to breathe, working with a solution based on a new species. I want to warn you that it may also be allergenic.


5.Work carefully with the fire-foam tube

It is definitely dangerous. There is gas inside the fire-foam tube and you should understand it when working. When you set fire to the bubble, take care of your hair, face. Control the person who interacts with the fire.
When you make a fire in the tray, do not forget that the ceiling can be unprotected. Evaluate the place of performance and the appropriateness of using fire.


6.Work with children

Keep an eye on the children when they are on the working site. Don’t let them play with the props. Keep the fire-foam tube away from children as far as possible. Keep your working site clean and tidy.

By the way, the adults who are under the influence of alcohol should be watched even more.


Work carefully, think about the consequences and calculate the risks. This will ensure not only safety on the working site, but also emphasize your professionalism.


  • Choose a quality floor covering that won’t slide and get wrinkled.
  • Use the equipment for your show that is not powered by the mains, which can operate independently from the mains.
  • Be careful with the fire and do control the people who interact with the fire.
  • Keep an eye on the children, watch their every move.

Why do bubbles burst?

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My blog has already got such an article about the enemies of bubbles. It describes the main problems my colleagues and students face during their performances.
In this article, I want to focus on a few things that I may have missed. After reading my blog, the bubble show artists and animators still have a question: Why do bubbles burst?

Bubbles burst when they touch the dry surface, it can be:
• Poorly wetted hands
• Poorly wetted props

It is all about the hands
Perhaps you get your hands wet and then you wait for the solution to drain from them. Then you start blowing the “hand” part and the bubbles burst. The wetter the surface which a bubble touches, the longer it will exist on that surface.

5 rules for working with hands

  • 1. Get wet your hands very well
  • 2. If the bubbles still start bursting, get wet your hands again
  • 3. After wetting your hands, do not waste time and right away start working with bubbles
  • 4. Do not let the foam from the soap solution stay on your hands
  • 5. Do not shake off your hands the remains of the soap solution

If the reason is not in the “hand” part?
When you immerse a person in a soap bubble (Props, Set “Man in a bubble”), see: whether there any dry edges left on the tray, whether the wand is wetted very well, whether a dry angle of the wand or your hand touch the soap film, whether there is a flower next to you that touches the soap film, etc.

Poor quality solution
The reason may also be in the ingredients of the solution, in its recipe, in the way of preparation. In this case, you should work with a good quality solution for the bubble show.

Too much foam
Bubbles can be poorly inflated if too much foam is produced while performing. Foam should not accumulate on the light table, on your hands, in the tray and on the wand itself.


The wind is our enemy
The wind, draft and air conditioning are very harmful for bubbles. The wind can tear the thin soap film, and the bubble can burst at the most important moment.


Dust is another invisible enemy of bubbles. Dusty places are also dangerous for soap bubbles, they are: the places which are being renovated, the scenes with dusty curtain. Unfortunately, I often have to deal with dusty curtains on the stages where I perform. If they have just been opened or closed, it is very difficult for a bubble artist to do some elements of the bubble show.


The basses from the speakers affect the bubbles as well as the draft. Music speakers should not be pointed towards the artist.


If the air is very dry in the room, the bubbles also burst. What do I do to humidify the air?
I don’t use sprayers. I use the Bubble maker. A huge number of small bubbles can humidify the air in the room very well.


It is also difficult to blow bubbles in stuffy rooms, they are: small enclosed rooms, saunas and bathhouses. In kindergartens it always becomes stuffy to the end of the performance. So it is pretty hard to immerse a person in a bubble in such conditions. Bubbles begin to burst.


One more thing. Your bubble show solution should be neither cold nor hot. There should not be a strong difference between the room temperature and the temperature of your solution. The solution temperature and the room temperature should be the same.

The above reasons are the main reasons why your bubbles can burst. If you still have questions, you can write them on my Facebook page. I will answer!


  • Bubbles burst when they touch the dry surface.
  • Get wet your hands and props very well before the performance.
  • The quality of the bubbles depends on the quality of the solution you use.
  • Do not let too much foam be produced working with a solution during the performance.
  • The wind, draft, air conditioning and basses are the enemies of bubbles.
  • Dusty curtains on the stage are bad for bubbles.
  • Humidify the air in the dusty, stuffy and dry rooms with a sprayer or bubble-maker.
  • Your solution should be the room temperature.

How should a portfolio be made at the initial stage?

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In today’s article we are going to talk about making a portfolio. Perhaps, you think that only experienced bubble artists have a good selection of pictures and a good promotional video. Of course, not! An artist should have a portfolio from the very start, or rather even before it! Otherwise, how are you going to demonstrate your skills to the customer? And how are you going to find clients?
So, how should you select pictures for your portfolio at the initial stage?

First of all, you should decide on a photographer and videographer who will be able to show the beauty of your performance, to emphasize your advantages and show your professionalism in the ability to blow big bubbles

1. Choose qualified photographers
To select pictures for your portfolio, you hire a qualified photographer and videographer. Do not be lazy to look at the works of the applicants, read the reviews on their works on the Internet. Be objective when evaluating their works. So, if the photographer has examples of only portrait photography, he can hardly suit you. You need a photographer who works in various styles, who can take good shots of your work and the emotions of your audience from various camera angles and in different styles.

A very important thing – do not agree with the photographer and videographer who are invited to the event. Their aims are different. They were paid for shooting the party. During your performance, they will be taking pictures of the guests honor and other guests. As a result, you will not get half of what you planned to get. Hire your own photographer and videographer. They will work with you only.


2. Explain clearly what you want
Photographers and videographers are creative people. And they do their job in their own special way. Therefore, if you want to get photos and videos that meet your requirements and needs, write clearly your wishes in the technical task.

Each Technical task is individual, but there are options that must necessarily be included in it.:

  • – The time, place and duration of the shooting.
  • – Desired close-up or wide shots and camera angles.
  • – The duration of the video and the number of the photos.
  • – Technical characteristics: requirements for light, features of the artist’s location, the minimum image resolution that you need, wishes for voice and so on.
  • – The deadline for the provision of the finished work.


3. Choose a place where you will be photographed for your portfolio
There are a few ways to do it:
Firstly, you can take pictures at your first charity (orphanage, kindergarten) and promotional events. If you also have a problem with facial expressions, it is better to shoot in several stages. On the first day get some wide shots of your work and the public reaction. On the second day some close-up shots of you.


Secondly, you can agree with the newlyweds and anniversaries, come, perform and take the necessary photos and videos. Also ask the guests of honor until a certain hour of the next day not to disassemble the decor so you can finish your shooting quietly.


I note that video shooting with two cameras guarantees excellent results. One camera shoots a closely another camera shoots distantly. As a result, you have all you need for cutting and splicing together your videos.

4. What should be in the shot?
Not only should the artist be in the shot, but also your photos and videos should show your work from all sides in that literal sense: the close-ups of the artist and bubbles, wide shots of the artist and bubbles, flying bubbles, artist with all wands and equipment, the artist’s emotions. A shot from the back is good, where the artist, and bubbles, and the audience can be seen is good.


It’s very important to pay special attention to your public. Shoot their emotions: delight, joy, surprise, smiles. There must be shots with applause. If you manage to take pictures or shoot videos of your public filming your show on their phones, it will be awesome! This is unofficial proof that your performance was interesting.

You can take great photos and shoot showy videos of the interaction. Especially the trick “Man in a bubble». Pay your photographer and videographer’s attention to the importance of high-quality shooting of this element.

And a few more tips. Choose the right place for shooting with good light, do not overload your video and try to intrigue the public, avoid showing your trick from start to finish.
Good luck with the shooting and shots!


  • Use the services of qualified professionals.
  • Give detailed, exact technical task.
  • Choose a place for shooting with the photographer and videographer.

Marathon notebook for the bubble show artists

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Friends, the Marathon notebook for the bubble show artists has been traveling around Russia for several years. The history of our genre is in it. We describe our attitude to the bubble show in it, share photos, our emotions and etc.

We have decided to go further – we have decided to start a Marathon notebook for all the bubble show artists in the world that will travel all around the world. In the large notebook bubble show artists can write the things they want to share with their colleagues, stick printouts, photos, pictures, magazine clippings.

How does the notebook get into your hands, so you can make a record in it?
For this, we need to make a list of participants. If you want to participate, just write about it in your comment to this article.

Then we will draw up a route for the notebook.
Each participant after receiving it can fill in his or her page within two days. Then the participant sends the marathon notebook to the next participant from the list.

A few rules for using the notebook
The notebook is only in single copy. Be highly responsible! Do not lose the notebook, treat it carefully. Send it only by first class mail. Send it at your expense.


So, you fill in your page, then, before sending the notebook to the next participant from the list, you notify the participant that you are going to send the notebook to him or her.

And only after confirmation from the participant, you can send the notebook to the participant.
If the participant, you are going to send the notebook, does not respond for more than two days or refuses, then you send a request to the next participant from the list.
You send the notebook to the next participant. Then you must notify the participant of this and give a tracking number so that the participant can track the path.
In the comments to this article, you write the location of this notebook and the full name of the recipient of the notebook.

A few rules for making notes
In the notebook on your page there should be your full name, country and city.
Initially, to the notebook there will be attached an envelope with decorative elements.
When the envelope gets empty, it is desirable that the participants themselves refill it.
In the notebook there will also be a page “Bubble show artists’ tree”. You should draw a green leaf on the page and sign it.

So, in the comments to this article you write your full name, index, city, street, house and apartment and phone number. Then we will draw up a route and send the notebook to the first participant.


Who is going to be the first? Who is going to begin our new tradition?

A list of participants

Participant’s number (on the list) Participant’s full name Participant’s Facebook profile Participant’s phone number Participant’s address