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Since April 2022, we have introduced the service of compulsory insurance for parcels sent abroad. The cost of it is 7% of the goods and delivery cost. That insurance guarantees you that if the parcel is lost or damaged during the shipment, we'll send you a new product once at our own expense. We should point out that there haven´t been any such cases, but in the current unstable situation we decided to play safe and protect our customers from unforeseen situations. How it works, you can reed here You can refuse the insurance service, but in this case, our company is responsible for your parcel only until the shipment and the moment of providing you with a track number. If you still want to refuse the insurance, tick this box.
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How to make a smoke tube for a bubble show?

How to make a smoke tube for a bubble show?

I am going to tell you how to make a smoke tube for your bubble show with your own hands.

In my show, I use a smoke machine of my own production; newcomers can try a smoke tube.

The cost price of this item is minimal. Even a girl can cope with this taskl.
I must admit that I do not consider this item a professional one, but for those who like DIY sort of things it is quite suitable.
You will need
A plastic tube with a diameter of 10 to 16 mm.
A disposable airflow operated electronic cigarette without buttons on it.
Scissors, insulation tape, self-tapping screws, a cigarette lighter, an awl and a screwdriver.
First you need to prepare the tube. Mark the spot for the screw prventing the cigarette from falling out. Align the cigarette and the tube so that it was fully inside with remaining 1 cm to the upper edge of the tube. Place the markings on the top and bottom edges of the cigarette. The self-tapping screws are needed to keep the cigarette inside.

Heat the awl and use it to make holes in the spots marked earlier. You need to make 2 holes in the bottom part for a stronger fixation.

Screw in the lower screws. Placing the cigarette with a hole for inhaling down and the light indicator up, screw the upper screw in.
It is necessary to test the item – just blow into it. If there's not enough smoke or no smoke at all, you'll need to reduce the space between the inner walls of the tube and the cigarette.
To do this, just pull out the cigarette and wrap several layers of insulation tape around it. Do some test during the process.

The item is ready!! You can put it to good use!
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