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Advanced Set

1 225.00
Production time: 5-7 days

Weight: 19653 gr

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Human Inside Bubble Set
The set includes an enlarged 100-cm heavy-duty tray "Human inside bubble". This tray will allow to accommodate a portly couple. The tray is equipped with wheels for easy movement.
The set includes a large number of wands for small tricks and sleeves. It also has interesting very wands like the Daisy and the Big Bubble-maker. All props fit in one case.
This set includes a hand-operated generator of a smoke and fiery froth tube.

Who is this set for?
This set allows you to do the full soap bubble show. It is designed for those who practice bubbles for the "long haul." It is suitable for the artists working in the genre but wanting to improve the props. It's also great for the ones who want to have everything at once.
Want even more profitable?
Advanced Set and video courses
+ Main Video Course
+ Theory-Related Video Course
+Video Course on Vertical Frame
+Video course on the glowing desk

Property cost $1 225.00
Main Video Course $40.00
Theory-Related Video Course $20.00
Video Course on Vertical Frame $40.00
Video course on the glowing desk $30.00

Total $1 355.00

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set for $ 1 045.00

It's more profitable on $ 310.00
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Advanced Set and individual training
Advanced Set
+ Individual training

Property cost $1 225.00
Individual training $650.00
Total $1 875.00

And I suggest this
set for $1 610.00

It's more profitable on $265.00
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