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Animator’s Set

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Production time: 5-7 days


Product Description

This set includes a lot of wands for small and medium-sized bubbles. Hoops – 10, 20 and 30 centimeters, bubble-makers. With the help of these tools you can do the most common tricks: blow-ins, the Caterpillar, the Carousel, the Fishnet, the Tennis, wraps, sleeves, raisn of bubbles.

Bubble juice deep plate
For dipping all wands and hands there is 55-cm deep plate with drain valve. It cannot be placed on the floor because of the valve at the bottom of the sink. If you want to put the tray on the floor, you need to specify it when you order, then we can make a draining spout. The diameter of the plate allows to buy additional wands for the giants.

For making giant bubbles the set has a 45-cm wand. It can put children inside a bubble. The set includes 1 wand of outdoor props. This allows you to diversify the show with the giants.

Fire and Foam
This kit has our fire-and-froth tube. You will be able to make burning bubbles, froth ears and and fiery foam.

Putting people inside bubble
The set includes everything you need to place people inside a bubble. The diameter of the tray is not too large (80 cm), but one adult will fit in. All props fit in one case.

Who is this set for?

This set is ideal for animators and the soft-start of the bubble show. The show program, which can be performed with the help of this set is quite diverse.

What can’t you can do with this set?

About putting people inside bubbles
This set includes a small tray for human in bubble act (80 cm). Therefore, the set is designed, primarily, for working with children.

The giant wands like the Daisy and the Bubble-maker 45 cm. are not included.

Table for shows
The set includes no table. You will need to have your own table or ask for one at the venue.
No glowing table either.

Audience age
The set is not designed for professional use in front of an adult audience.

Additional Information

Weight 6862 g