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Case for the bowl and the auxiliary table



Product Description

The case for the bowl on stem and the auxiliary table has the form of a droplet; it accommodates a tabletop with a diameter of 50 cm and a table stand. The Bowl on Stem + Auxiliary Table set also fits inside it well.

I recommend transporting the props for bubble show in their special protective cases. First of all, they protect the props from shocks. This is provided by the 10 mm padding, which is also able to prevent most moisture penetration.

In addition, the props packed in cases during the events looks aesthetically pleasing. I do not only transport my items in their cases but also keep them at warehouse packed this way.

Blog article: How to protect the props during transportation?

We produce 6 kinds of cases:

  • Wand case
  • Human Inside Bubble set case
  • Desk case
  • Glowing table case
  • Carpet case
  • Case for the bowl and the auxiliary table

Dimensions and materials

Фото ракетки 10 см с размерами

The Props in Action Photos

Additional Information

Weight 600 g

10mm polyethylene foam, synthetic fabric