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Case for vertical frame



Product Description

The case for the vertical frame has the shape of a rectangle and is made strictly according to the size of the product you are purchasing. This is important for the safe transportation of props.
The size
Height – 23 cm, width 25 – cm, length 112 – cm.

The cases fabric is durable synthetic. Inside the cover there is a 10 mm thick gasket. Thus, the cases protects the props from impact and prevents the penetration of moisture.

At any show, it is very important for the props to look presentable. If an artist puts his/her wands in cases it adds a big plus to his/her reputation. I keep my props in their cases.

Blog article: How to protect the props during transportation?

We produce 7 kinds of cases:

  • Wand case
  • Human Inside Bubble set case
  • Desk case
  • Glowing table case
  • Carpet case
  • Case for the bowl and the auxiliary table
  • Case for vertical frame

At your request, we can sew a case to order. The size and shape of the case depends on the size of your product.

The Props in Action Photos

Additional Information


10mm polyethylene foam, synthetic fabric