комплект классический

Classic Set

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Production time: 5-7 days


Product Description

Work Desk
A very important part of the set is the work desk. Its design allows the most convenient arrangement of all the necessary props for the show. The table is equipped with a non-removable 55-cm bubble juice deep plate. The plate is equipped with a built-in drain valve.

The desk has special niches for a smoke generator, tubes and other tools. On the desk sides are hooks for hanging wands and the Velcro strip for curtains. The desk can be easily folded and unfolded. There is also a case for convenient transportation of this set of bubble show props.

Human Inside Bubble Set
Of course, the set has props for the human inside bubble act. This set’s bottom tray diameter is 90 cm, the most versatile and most popular size. The tray has wheels attached to it so that you can comfortably move it.

Wide Range of Wands
The set has different wands made of metal in synthetic winding. Then wands allow you to do a variety of stunts, sleeves, wrappings. The set includes the Daisy wand, which is great for decorating your show with giant bubbles.

Outdoor props for giant bubbles are: the Triangle and the Net. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The set also has a fiery foam tube.

Who is this set for?

This set is for those who want to have a good starting base with an option to expand the list of props. It has everything necessary, no extra equipment. So, the set of props lets you perform a classic act without a glowing table. This, by the way, is the most popular set in my price list. You can work with it at adults’ and children’s parties.

What can’t you do with this set?

Audience age
This set is designed for classic performances in front of adults and children. Classic tray diameter for human inside bubble act (90 cm) allows you to “put 2 adults in a circle”, but not two overweight adults since this requires a larger diameter (1 meter).

There is no big “bubble-maker” in the set, so you will not be able to make a rain of large bubbles.

Table for shows
The set does not include the glowing table.

Additional Information

Weight 14628 g