Detergent recipe


Receipt immediately after payment, the package will contain the description + video tutorial on the detergent preparation.

In case of difficulties contact me via Skype.


Product Description


In your country, the composition of the ingredients may differ from that in Russia, so the deergent may not work as well as mine. I bear no responsible for this!
Also, I am not responsible for the lack of some ingredients in a particular country. I know that the ingredients are available in America and Europe, but I have not checked their composition.


Buying the detergent formula, you will receive:

  • Written description
  • Video tutorial
  • Skype consultation, if necessary
  • I send the formula via e-mail immediately after the payment has been credited


I use this detergent for all elements:
  • For tricks
  • For giant bubbles
  • For hand bubbles
  • For a glowing desk
  • For outdoor performances
  • It can be poured into a bubble generator
Durable. Can be stored for 3 weeks.
Low cost – less than $ 1 per liter.
Making it is easy. I prepare 15 liters in 10 minutes.
More stable
It works! It never fails me.

The main properties of the detergent:

Cost One show takes 2-3 liters of detergent. A good formula for a bubble show is the low cost of ingredients.
About me: the cost of my detergent is about 40 rubles per liter.
Shelf life The less the shelf life, the greater the consumption of detergent.
About me: I use my detergent after its preparation 2-4 weeks, topping up with some fresh one.
Versatility I use one detergent for all of my performances. In all vessels there’s one composition – it is convenient.
Effectiveness Of course, in different rooms, any detergent may behave differently. My formula does not fail me. I work with it in different conditions.
Availability Most often, almost all the ingredients for the detergent can be found in your city.

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