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Burning bubbles are the bubble show classic. They are very spectacular and the audience' favorite act. Our burning bubbles tube is also equipped with a froth nozzle.
  • A tube
  • Refillable gas cylinder – 2 pcs
  • A froth nozzl

This set will allow you to make the burning bubbles, the fiery volcano, the "ears" and other froth figures. And, of course, the burning foam.
Where is this accessory used?
The burning bubbles also used both for adults' and children's shows, outdoors as well as indoors; private celebrations and concert events. During weddings, I myself use the "Burning Bubbles" during interactive acts with newlyweds.
Performance life
The amount of gas included in the set will last for 5-6 performances. Then you can purchase a gas wherever it is available or refill the cans included in the set.
Terms of Use
The burning bubbles act is not scary, not dangerous and does not hurt. The main thing is to observe basic safety precautions.

3D view of goods
Hold and drag left and right to view in 3D

152 g
Diameter nozzle
60 mm
Diameter tube
35 mm
Frame color
Only black