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Memo for those coming to Moscow for training.


Product Description

Product description

3-day training course takes place in Moscow.

Most of the day will be dedicated to practical training with some part of it – to the theory study.

The price of 1-person training is $ 650.

If your team consists of several students, then the extra charge for each subsequent student is + $ 300.

Maximum of 3 people can be trained at the same time.

Who can participate?

The Bubble Show Personal Training course is designed for those who plan to create a quality product. As well as for those whose goals and performances venues are not quite ordinary.

What is the purpose of the course?

The purpose of the personal training course is to learn how to create a complete performance program, master the skills of performing tricks, choose the most suitable props and a set of tricks adapted to the goals set.

Where does the training  course take place?

The 3-day training takes place in Moscow. The most of the day will be dedicated to practical training with a part of it – to the theory study.

Where do the sessions take place?

All classes are held at my training grounds: MO, Noginsk district, Novaya Kupavna. When planning your visit choose your accommodation in the vicinity. In this case, I can meet and see you off. I always advise you to discuss your place of stay with me beforehand.

In the process of the sessions, we will thoroughly study the technique of each trick, the work with  bubble show props and collect your personal set of elements of the show. It goes without saying, that when you return home, additional training will be necessary. After several training sessions at home and the program walkthroughs, you will be able to perform with confidence.

To make sure you will not forget anything you’ve learned to do and to digest the oversupply of information, I will provide you with video tutorials.

The training dates are to be agreed in advance. If necessary, I will help with accommodation search.

In my blog there is a memo for those coming to Moscow (Memo) for training; be sure to read it if you arrive from another city.