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Large Bubble-Maker Wand


Product Description
The Large Bubble-Maker Wand in intended for filling the stage with a plenty of bubbles with diameters from 8 to15 centimeters. A classic small bubble-maker produces 3-cm bubbles.
Materials and sizes
The wand consists of a metal frame, synthetic winding, ribbed rubberized handle of 60 centimeters in length. The outer diameter of the wand is 46 centimeters, the internal – 17 cm. The number of small 8-cm rings is 8.
Where can it be used?
This tool can be used both indoors and outdoors and is valued by true connoisseurs of the soap-making art. Just like a classic bubble-maker wand, the large one first produces large bubbles or sleeves from its center hoop, and then makes the rain of bubbles. A windless or a moderately windy day is a perfect outdoor show condition. The wand has proven itself at private celebrations and on big stages.
The standard color of this product is black. If you wish, we can make it the right color for you. If you want to make changes to the size of the wand, please specify this when negotiating your order before making a purchase.

290 g
External diameter
46 cm
Frame material
Stainless steel
Frame color
Only black
Frame paint
Polymer, anticorrosive
The size of the handle
60 cm
Winding material
Winding color
Red, blue, black