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LED Floodlight Lamp


Good lighting can enhance any show.

Our lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery and does not require mains power. The lamp can be charged even during its operation.

The are 3 rows of LEDs with 60 degree lenses:

1 row – 4 red LEDs
2 row – 3 blue LEDs
3 row – 4 green LEDs

A total of 11 LEDs, 3W each. When the light-emitting diodes are all on, the resulting light is as close as possible to white.

The lamp was tested for 2 modes of operation:
1) For white color of maximum brightness. In this mode all LEDs are constantly on.
2) For the color transition mode, when one color is smoothly replaced by another.
Battery life:
1) In white color mode – 90 minutes.
2) In the color transition mode – 200 minutes.

The battery is fully charged after 5-8 hours.
The operation of LEDs is inextricably linked with their heating. In order to increase the service life of the device, we installed a fan that cools the LEDs. Therefore, when the LEDs are on, a quiet fan noise is heard.
Advantages of LED lamp
We put a light controller with radio control. This remote control has longer range and is not stopped by obstacles in contrast to the infrared transmission mode. The signal can pass even through the walls. The. lamp has no protruding signal receiver, which can be broken off during transportation or rough handling. In this lamp the receiver is installed inside the case, which prevents its damage.

The lamp has several modes of operation switched by the remote. It's suitable for artists working for both children's and adult audiences.

A standard power cord with a ground connection is included. If this cord is lost, then you can use any cord from your computer or TV.
Charging during performance
Artists are creative people, and it often happens that only before the show they notice that their props are not ready for work. If your lamp is discharged, there will be 2 options.

1) Arrive at the performance venue and allow it to charge 20-30 minutes from the 220V outlet. And then take it to the stage and let it run from the built-in battery. In this case, it is guaranteed to work its half hour while you're blowing bubbles.
2) Option 2 – take the extension cable to the stage and connect the lamp to 220V. In this case, it can work and be charged at the same time.
Lithium-polymer batteries can withstand 500-700 charge-discharge cycles. To use up all the cycles, I recommend storing the device in a charged state at all times. This will significantly extend the battery life.

It is not recommended to store it in a fully discharged state for a long time. This can reduce the capacity of the battery without the possibility of its recovery.
  • Lamp
  • Power cord
  • Remote control

3D view of goods
Hold and drag left and right to view in 3D

890 g
215 cm х 110 cm х 82 cm
Charges from the mains (battery / mains operation)
Remote on / off button