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Redesigned 2-in-1 Desk


Redesigned 2-in-1 Desk 3D

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Product Description

This desk is a unique prop for the bubble show. This piece of equipment bears the function of a working desk and a glowing table.

This 2nd generation desk has a number of advantages over the predecessor:

  • Possibility of on-site servicing (all electric equipment is easily accessible without the risk of leakage).
  • Removable steel legs that don’t fold at an inappropriate moment.
  • No pasting over and painting; the desk has the color of plastic it’s made of.
  • Powered by AA batteries.

Work Desk
The desk has all the functions of a regular desk with a tray. The tray is for detergent. The desk has niches, openings for tube containers and decorative curtain holder. There are seven hooks to accommodate the wands. The detergent tray is equipped with drain system. The set includes two cradles for tubes and dome-making tubes themselves.

Glowing Table
A distinctive feature of this particular desk is the combination of the tray (detergent bowl) and the glowing table. The complete equipment set includes a special anti-shattering glass, which can be put on top of the tray.

Installed inside the bowl are colored LEDs that can be turned on when you start working with soap domes. The light passes through special little windows in the bottom of the tray and through the detergent thus illuminating your work from beneath. Same as on a glowing table. The backlight is turned on by the button under the tabletop. The LEDs’ operating modes are controlled by remote control providing various modes of illumination.
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Light Path
Another feature of our desks is the presence of colored squares, the so-called “light path” , very effective. It can be used for some very spectacular acts. For example, when you move a smoky bubble along the path, he bubble will acquire different colors. To avoid any damage during transportation, I recommend using special protective case.



  • Wheels
  • Folding legs
  • 2 removable cradles for tubes
  • A drain valve and a hose
  • A curtain holder
  • 7 hooks for props
  • Openings and niches for props
  • Pipes for glowing table
  • Anti-shattering glass
  • LEDs built in the tray
  • A remote control


The desk color is always black. The desk height can be changed by the customer’s request. Powered by 8 AA batteries.

Details and dimensions


Redesigned 2-in-1 Desk video review

The Props in Action Photos

Additional Information

Weight 11600 g
Table top size

65х80 cm

Deep plate diameter

54 cm


plastic, steel


only black


94 cm