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The Backdrop. Banner Stand


Banner Stand 3D

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Product Description

Frequently, artists do not use backdrops, because they are heavy and it takes time to assemble them. To minimize the weight, we made our backdrop of aluminum. To reduce the speed of assembly, we chose the simplest way of joining the structure and fixing banners.

To assemble the frame, insert the tubes one into another. The parts are interchangeable, it is very difficult to confuse them.

The frame is assembled on the floor, then the structure is raised.

1) First, put the banners on the floor with an image to the floor.
2) On top of the banners, assemble the frame.
3) Attach the banners to the frame using special rubber bands.
4) Lift the backdrop and move it to the right place.

The base section has a width of 1 meter. The sections are joined together. 2 sections – 2 meters wide, 3 sections – 3 meters wide and so on.

We strongly recommend the use of banners with a width of 1 meter. Only in this case your banner will be smooth and tight. In our experience, banners of more than 1 meter require horizontal tension, which is very difficult to do for a design of this weight.
It is the use of 1-meter banners that made it possible to create a lightweight frame with fast assembly.

For each section, you will need to prepare a separate banner – 1×2.2 m.

We have prepared the instructions showing how to correctly make a banner. Pass this document to your designer and printer. Download.

You can buy as many sections as you need. All of them will dock together, turning into one big structure. We often use 1 or 3 sections.

1 section is a small advertising banner (1х2,2 m). It can be used as a regular stander for advertising events, you can put it at the entrance to the hall, or use it as a decoration at a wedding exhibition.
3 section one is a full-fledged background (3×2.2 m). On its background, you can blow bubbles or use it for advertising purposes, if the stage owners allow.

• Possibility to choose the width of the structure depending on the purpose of the event
• Lightweight
• Small volume
• Quick assembly
• Always flat banners with good tension

Can only be used indoors. The design is very light, might fall with the wind.

There are several reasons why you should use the backdrop:

• Bubbles are not always visible as you would like them to. Use a dark background and the glares from the bubbles will become brighter. Only a dark background allows to see the bubbles glow.
• You can use the background for performances, for a photo inside a bubble or as an advertising design of the desired width.
• Using a backdrop is professional. The artist looks 100% prepared. This means trust.
• For performances in kindergartens, the backdrop is a mandatory item.
• The stage does not always look attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Having a backdrop corrects the situation.
• The backdrop allows you to make a small stage out of a regular site. Behind such a screen, you can even change clothes or prepare props.

Banner Recommendations
To avoid wrinkles on banners, it is best to keep it wrapped on a pipe. Your banners will be always smooth, without wrinkles and dents.
Pipe options:
• Cheap plastic pipe from a hardware store. Plastic drain or sewer gray pipe.
• In advertising production there are cardboard tubes, white pure banner is normally wrapped around them. When you print banners, just ask to cut one meter for you.

Assembly Time
One person assembles a stand with banners in 10 minutes. Two will do it in 5 minutes.

The stand with a width of 1 meter weighs 1,406 grams, without the banner.

Width 100 cm
Height 232 cm
Depth 38 cm

Unassembled size
108 x 16 x 12 cm

Additional Information

Weight 4218 g

100х232х38 cm