комплект максимальный


Product Description

Plenty of equipment
The set has a large 100-cm heavy-duty tray for human inside bubble act, the work desk for dipping wands, arranging accessories and containers for tubes as well as the glowing table.

All possible wands
This set has is a good selection of wands of all diameters. All the wands are made of metal in synthetic winding.

Who is this set for?

The Ultimate set is created for those who like to use a particular prop for a particular purpose. Versatility here is out of the question. This set is ideal for those who frequently perform at major venues and have assistants.

The set includes 4 cases: for the work desk, for wands, for glowing table and for the human inside bubble act. Everything in its place. All ducks in a row.

The set includes a hand-operated smoke generator and a fiery froth tube, which will undoubtedly make your show more varied.

What can’t you do with this set?

This set lets me do everything that I can. This is the largest set of props available. In contrast to the Advanced Set every object here has its own function. The multifunctional 2 in 1desk is replaced with three items: an auxiliary table, a deep plate on one leg and a classic glowing table.

Additional Information

Weight 22655 g