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Ultraviolet Lamp


Ultraviolet Lamp 3D

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Product Description

Many of my students want to add ultraviolet bubbles to their shows. I’m often asked questions about how to make luminous soap bubbles.

One of the important conditions for luminescence is a powerful ultraviolet light. We have developed and are selling a lamp that will be in demand only for bubble shows.

What we considered important:
1. The height of the lamp position. Bubbles will glow only under a sufficiently powerful illumination. Being farther from the lamp, the bubbles glow much dimmer. The closest distance can be ensured by placing the lamp near the desk. If any lamp is simply put on the floor, then there will be no good bubble glowing. The rack is must in this situation. We chose the average height in order to bring the lamp as close as possible to the bubble area. But we did not make it too high to prevent its falling from a great height. As a result, the lamp is located just below the level of your hands.

2. We made a protective glass for the ultraviolet lamp. Of course, the detergent should not get splashed on the lamp and the circuitry inside the case. To ensure this, we installed a transparent Plexiglas on the lamp, which is not as brittle as regular glass. It may rather crack from the impact, but it will not shatter to pieces – that’s for sure.

3. Mirror reflector. It is needed to direct a maximum of ultraviolet glow towards the artist with bubbles. The reflector enhances the glowing.

4. Quick assembly. We know that the bubble artists have a lot of props. All of them are to be assembled and placed properly. Quick assembly of the props is one of the artist’s indicators of his/her professionalism. Quick assembly surprises the party hosts and guests as well as adds credibility the way an expensive costume or props in a single black style do.

5. We recommend using the light from 2 lamps placed on the right and on the left so that the illumination is uniform.

6. Black color of the lamp’s exterior. In the dark, black props are not visible and it’s good. Nothing should distract the viewer from the show.

7. Lamp selection. We use an 18 W Phillips bulb with the length of 60 cm. We also considered a 120-cm and a pear-shaped lamp, but a longer lamp is very cumbersome and it is easier to break during transportation and installation.
A lamp with such a bulb will be less sturdy. A pear-shaped bulb gets very hot and its capacity is not higher than a regular lamp’s, as our tests revealed. A pear-shaped lamp is small, but it is so hot that it can easily melt the plastic housing. And if a drop of detergent gets onto it, it can burst.

The cost of a Phillips bulb is about 850 rubles. In the market, there are China-made bulbs for 200 rubles, but our tests showed that the glow of bubbles from Phillips is several times stronger.

– The height of the lamp – 155 cm.
– Phillips bulb, 60 cm, 18W.

Before developing the lamp, we surveyed different bubble artists. One of the artists was Karina Primo, http://primoevents.ru. Karina has been using ultraviolet a lot, and I consider her one of the UV experts.

Karina’s opinion about ultraviolet in the bubble show:
“I often perform with UV, it’s is one of my favorite programs. I know what is needed for the light to be bright and uniform. There have been fatal cases of lamp falling and breaking. If the lamp does not have a protective box, then it is necessary to pay attention to careful transportation and assembly. Obviously, long bulbs are most prone to accidental damage.”

Blog article: Overview of ultraviolet bulbs for a bubble show.

The color of the UV lamp is always black.

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Additional Information

Weight 3900 g

155 cm

Stem's height

130 cm

Top part size

65 x 17 cm


plastic, plexiglas, steel


only black