How to place an order?

You can simply call or email me.
You can also send your application from the website, call or write via Facebook, Instagram or Vkontakte. You can also contact me via Skype, or WhatsApp. All of my contacts are here.

You can select wands on this website and add them to your cart.
You can select wands or a ready set of props, add them to cart and send this list to me. I’ll be in touch throughout the day.

Together we’ll discuss your order.
The first step will be a discussion of what you want to order: colors, sizes. We’ll also discuss the delivery method and payment terms.

You make the payment.
After you make the payment, please tell me about it; we will wait until its arrival. I place the order with the manufacturer. You tell me the shipment details – the postal address, the name of the recipient.

Manufacturing and shipping.
The process of making props starts. The production takes 5-7 days. Then I ship the props and inform you of the tracking details.
Upon receipt you let me know that the shipment has been received.