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Theory-Related Video Course


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Product Description

Video course on the theory of creating and holding a show of bubbles

What you get:

  • A guide to how to start making your number.
  • Tips for choosing a costume and stage image.
  • Analysis of advertising sites and recommendations for planning the advertising budget.
  • Recommendations for creating a quality portfolio.
  • Structural analysis of adult and children’s programs.
  • Course duration – 1 hour 20 minutes.

What is included in the course:

  • Number and interactive. This item will help to understand what program should be interactive and what it should be. I will also spread what “dangers” are waiting for you if the program is not built correctly.
  • Suit and image. I will tell about successful and unsuccessful images of artists of our genre. I will explain how you can unknowingly reduce the price of your show, and how to avoid it. We will analyze the animated images and images of artists. I will share with you why I don’t put on the costumes of cartoon characters and tell you how the costume differs from the image. I will also talk about fabrics that are suitable for artists of our genre and give examples of suitable accessories.
  • Overview of advertising sites. I will share the experience of successful and unsuccessful advertising budget investments in various advertising campaigns. I’ll tell you how to advertise yourself with minimal costs. You will learn about advertising in magazines, at wedding exhibitions, on cars and on street billboards.
  • Work assistant. The main question of this topic is: why is an assistant needed and what functions should it perform. I will also talk about the clothes of an assistant, his important qualities and the advantages of working with him.
  • Portfolio and interaction in a festive environment. In this part of the course, you will learn how to properly make selling videos and photos. What should be in the frame, what details when shooting need to pay special attention. We will discuss your interaction with presenters, agents, sound engineers and photographers.

This course is “Concentrate” of my program from group master classes. With his help, it will be much easier for you to create your own programs and advance in your city. Creating this course I was based on my experience and the experience of my students.

I have other courses especially for you:

Special offer: when buying all four courses, the cost is $200. You save $48.