Video course on the glowing desk


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Product Description

Video course on the glowing desk

What you get:

  • I will tell and show basic tricks on the glowing desk.
  • I will explain the technical features of performing tricks, which will allow you to fully improvise and invent “author’s tricks” after mastering the course.
  • I will explain what the “bundles” between tricks are based on and how to perform them.
  • Course duration is 30 minutes.

What is included in the course:

  • Tricks on the glowing desk. We will consider the main directions of tricks, we will work with smoke, fire. We will master more than 20 elements of the show of bubbles, which I attribute to the block of work with the light table. You will learn such tricks as: domes, matryoshka, blowing in, extracting a smoke bubble, pinching and others. We will also analyze the variations of these tricks; learn how to collect them in the “bundles”.
  • Work with the steam generator. Also, the course includes work with the steam generator. I will explain the main difficulties of the work, and once again I will tell you about which steam generator is needed. We will learn to make elements of the show based on the use of this device.
  • Trick jellyfish. The same course includes tricks that are performed by tubes for the glowing desk: these are releasing smoke rings, trapping a bubble with a tube, an eight with a tube and, of course, a jellyfish. I will say right away that this trick will ruffle your nerves, but its complexity is justified by spectacularity and entertainment.

The course presents the basic tricks on the glowing desk. The main mistakes are considered and all features and technologies of working with the table are presented. We will work with fire and smoke, steam.

I recommend this course to those who have already mastered mine.
Based on the knowledge gained from the previous section, it will be much easier to master the new direction. Light table – part of the program that makes the room more magical and magical. I recommend conducting programs of this kind in darkened rooms so that your work will be even more fascinating and effective.

When training for 2 hours a day, a week you can achieve consistent results.

I have other courses especially for you:

Special offer: when buying all four courses, the cost is $200. You save $48.

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